At GC we believe that effective IT solution delivery is not the result of chance or guesswork.

Our experience has shown that success of any IT initiative is dramatically influenced by not only the raw skills of people but on the attitude that they bring.

Success is never the result of just one person or one skillset. There are many moving parts and potential pitfalls.

The common, binding thread is transparency and compassion.


We give our clients and partners solid successes by providing IT project management and analysis services that are genuine, friendly and effective.


Simon Chandler brings over twenty years of experience working in the field of information technology.

He has worked as a senior-level consultant within the public and private sectors. Services have been provided to customers in communications, transportation and oil and gas where he has applied knowledge, energy and practical ability. His technical skills were gained from years in the trenches as a software developer, systems analyst and business analyst.

Over the years his work has transitioned to IT Project Management and senior positions in IT Service Strategy and Design.

Mr. Chandler has produced solid solutions to complex problems for numerous companies including YYC Airport Authority, Cenovus Energy, Alliance Pipeline, Trican Partnership, CP Rail and Shaw Communications to name a few.

Mr. Chandler holds a Master of Science in Information Systems. His academic research focused on crowdsourcing and the application of crowd-based systems (group computing) to commercial enterprise databases (CMDB).



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